Can You Use Yoga to Treat Mental Illnesses?

Depression is one of the worst symptoms that anyone can experience, and if this symptom is indicative of clinical depression or any other kind of mental illness then you might just feel like there is no way in which you can manage to have the life that you had always dreamed of ever again. Now, the feeling of having such an illness can be awful, but there are ways in which you can get it treated so that you start feeling like yourself again, and yoga in particular is known to be very effective here.

Now, you definitely need to see a therapist and t

ake any medication that you end up getting prescribed since this is the proper way to go about treating any kind of a mental illness but at the end of the day it can’t hurt to add a few more things on top of that. Yoga promotes a lot of deep breathing and flooding your body with oxygen first thing in the morning can help produce a lot of hormones and brain chemicals that could lead to you feeling genuinely happy which is the sort of thing that people with depression tend to value quite highly.

There are a lot of classes at Marianne Wells Yoga School that could prove to be beneficial for you. Exercise in general is great for dealing with a mental illness and yoga is the best because it does not cause a lot of excessive strain on your body. Working too hard could have the opposite effect by exhausting you, so try something like yoga which would give you good exercise but not exactly force you outside your comfort zone by a large margin.