Nectar of Life Puerto Rican Coffee

Nectar of Life Coffee Bean 100% Arabica beans are smooth, low acidity, with a delicious mellow flavor and great body.  One of the best coffees you will ever taste.

Now you can roast your own Puerto Rican green, raw, unroasted coffee beans.  If you have a coffee roaster you will want to try these fantastic beans.  Please note:  Do not brew unroasted coffee beans.  Green, raw beans should be roasted before making coffee.

In case if you are not familiar with Puerto Rico, let’s have a look into little history about coffee in Puerto Rico

In 1736 the first coffee trees arrived in Puerto Rico. By the 19th century, Puerto Rican coffee was receiving some of the highest market quotes in the world market. In 1877, there were 843 registered haciendas or coffee estates in Puerto Rico; That does not include the 1000’s that were not registered.

Soon, Puerto Rico became the 4th largest coffee exporter. By 1890, over 60,000,000 pounds of coffee was exported. Jump ahead to 2004/05 and specialty coffee exports accounted for 1,258,500 pounds of coffee. In 2005/06, Puerto Rico exported 20,350,000 pounds.

This last decade was reported to show that small to medium size farms accounted for 77% of all coffee production. It also shows that women are huge participants in the coffee industry’s small and medium coffee plantations. They found that women workers are very responsible and have a low rate of absenteeism. In Puerto Rico approximately 200,000 households are sustained either directly or indirectly by the coffee industry.

Why you should opt for Puerto Rican 100% Arabica beans from Nectar of Life? Our premium 100% Arabica beans make fabulous coffee. Great for sipping, this coffee is mellow, low acid and has great body.  Our Nectar of Life Puerto Rican coffee is one of the best coffees you will ever enjoy.  The taste has just a touch of chocolate, an amazing aroma, and a smooth aftertaste.  We recommend the medium roast to bring out the best of this coffee bean.  As always, the roast level is a personal preference and you need really should find and choose the roast you like best.