In the 3 series of facts and fiction related to homeopathy medicine, this is the part three presented by, a renowned homeopathy Toowoomba clinic.


  • One must use the remedies precisely, according to the directions.
  • Homeopathy takes too long to work.
  • Homeopathy is only a belief system.
  • Homeopathy is tiny doses of poison.
  • Homeopathy takes care of everything!
  • It is ok to discontinue any other medication.


When one woman took a packet for a particular painful problem, she was told to put 10 pellets in a glass of water, stir and take by the half teaspoonful for doses. She didn’t follow the directions and dumped the whole packet into the glass. The following day she called to say she was out of remedy. When I explained she remarked, “I am so much better, even if I didn’t use it right.” She had great relief overnight. The whole packet was just wasted, not harmful.

Another person took a dose of the allergy remedy, and within 10 minutes, turned to me and asked, “Can it be working so fast?” Yes. If there is no noticeable relief within a few hours it may be the incorrect choice of remedies. With children and in fevers, an improvement should show within 2 hours.

If one feels discomfort with a remedy, stop taking it. This is very rare. On the other hand, if there is a small increase of the same symptoms, this indicates the remedy was well chosen. Recovery should follow.

When given to a baby who has no concept of medicine, the baby recovers. My dog had a run-in with wasps, swelled up all over. He recovered in a half hour with the proper remedy. This is not superstition, or belief.

The use of the tiny dose of poison comes from the end of the 13th century, from another doctor, Paracelsus. This information has been linked to Homeopathy incorrectly. This piece of information inspired Dr. Hahnemann into his dilution theory in the 18th century. Paracelsus did not dilute, he used tiny doses vs. large doses of harmful substances.

Any substance, no matter how poisonous, when it is made into a Homeopathic remedy, it is no longer poisonous. One is not taking tiny doses of poison. I cannot possibly say this enough times to ease the fears of persons learning about Homeopathy. No remedy is poisonous. A chemist, using any known method, cannot discover the named substance in a labeled bottle of a remedy. The only discernible substance is the “house” of the remedy. If liquid, it is water and alcohol. If pellets, it is lactose.

This brings to mind the story about one person trying to kill another. As the presumed lethal doses continued without any sign of the expected demise, in high emotional distress, this person confided the “problem” to someone that felt a call to the police was in order. When all was said and done, it was found that the person had been using non-poisonous Homeopathic Arsenic.

Animals respond similarly to Homeopathy, but you still need to take them to the Vet for diagnosis. They cannot tell you their symptoms and they carry disease not good for the human. I once met a Homeopathic vet that was very strict about how to dose an animal. Relax, the few pellets or liquid inside the lip works well.

I have not dealt with diabetes, and would not try. There are remedies that relieve symptoms, like swelling or ulcers on the ankles, but beyond that, consult a doctor of Homeopathy, and also keep your regular doctor. Sometimes it is not wise to tell your M.D. about your use of alternative medicines. He may not be happy and may refuse to keep you as a patient.

Do not presume to stop a medication you have been taking for months or years in lieu of using any alternative medicine. They work on different levels of the body and discontinuing a long term allopathic medication can sometimes be life-threatening. Many times clients use both and have better results for their needs.

I have never suggested anyone discontinue any medication. My asthmatic son announced, at age three, that he was ready to stop taking that “green stuff.” He had been successfully treated by Homeopathy for nearly a year.