In the 3 series of facts and fiction related to homeopathy medicine, this is the part three presented by, a renowned homeopathy Toowoomba clinic.


  • One must use the remedies precisely, according to the directions.
  • Homeopathy takes too long to work.
  • Homeopathy is only a belief system.
  • Homeopathy is tiny doses of poison.
  • Homeopathy takes care of everything!
  • It is ok to discontinue any other medication.


When one woman took a packet for a particular painful problem, she was told to put 10 pellets in a glass of water, stir and take by the half teaspoonful for doses. She didn’t follow the directions and dumped the whole packet into the glass. The following day she called to say she was out of remedy. When I explained she remarked, “I am so much better, even if I didn’t use it right.” She had great relief overnight. The whole packet was just wasted, not harmful.

Another person took a dose of the allergy remedy, and within 10 minutes, turned to me and asked, “Can it be working so fast?” Yes. If there is no noticeable relief within a few hours it may be the incorrect choice of remedies. With children and in fevers, an improvement should show within 2 hours.

If one feels discomfort with a remedy, stop taking it. This is very rare. On the other hand, if there is a small increase of the same symptoms, this indicates the remedy was well chosen. Recovery should follow.

When given to a baby who has no concept of medicine, the baby recovers. My dog had a run-in with wasps, swelled up all over. He recovered in a half hour with the proper remedy. This is not superstition, or belief.

The use of the tiny dose of poison comes from the end of the 13th century, from another doctor, Paracelsus. This information has been linked to Homeopathy incorrectly. This piece of information inspired Dr. Hahnemann into his dilution theory in the 18th century. Paracelsus did not dilute, he used tiny doses vs. large doses of harmful substances.

Any substance, no matter how poisonous, when it is made into a Homeopathic remedy, it is no longer poisonous. One is not taking tiny doses of poison. I cannot possibly say this enough times to ease the fears of persons learning about Homeopathy. No remedy is poisonous. A chemist, using any known method, cannot discover the named substance in a labeled bottle of a remedy. The only discernible substance is the “house” of the remedy. If liquid, it is water and alcohol. If pellets, it is lactose.

This brings to mind the story about one person trying to kill another. As the presumed lethal doses continued without any sign of the expected demise, in high emotional distress, this person confided the “problem” to someone that felt a call to the police was in order. When all was said and done, it was found that the person had been using non-poisonous Homeopathic Arsenic.

Animals respond similarly to Homeopathy, but you still need to take them to the Vet for diagnosis. They cannot tell you their symptoms and they carry disease not good for the human. I once met a Homeopathic vet that was very strict about how to dose an animal. Relax, the few pellets or liquid inside the lip works well.

I have not dealt with diabetes, and would not try. There are remedies that relieve symptoms, like swelling or ulcers on the ankles, but beyond that, consult a doctor of Homeopathy, and also keep your regular doctor. Sometimes it is not wise to tell your M.D. about your use of alternative medicines. He may not be happy and may refuse to keep you as a patient.

Do not presume to stop a medication you have been taking for months or years in lieu of using any alternative medicine. They work on different levels of the body and discontinuing a long term allopathic medication can sometimes be life-threatening. Many times clients use both and have better results for their needs.

I have never suggested anyone discontinue any medication. My asthmatic son announced, at age three, that he was ready to stop taking that “green stuff.” He had been successfully treated by Homeopathy for nearly a year.

Cancellation Holidays News

Waiting to be cancelled, a Cancellation Holidays Expectation

Perhaps you’ve heard of cancellation holidays being offered by some agencies which can really come cheap without sacrificing the quality of your vacation.   Planning for a vacation trip can be so tedious especially if you are going with the whole family, little children and all.  You need a vacation package that is affordable but everybody will surely have a great time including the little children.  Most cancellation holidays are not announced although there are some posted on the net.  The only trouble with these posted ads via the net is that nothing usually suits your vacation in mind.  It is rare that one would chance upon an offer that is exactly what you and your family is looking for.

There is another option that you can do but it would be a very time consuming task.  You can ask older members of your family for help to hasten the search for that coveted family vacation.  List the number of the agencies that you can call or the airline itself and make the inquiry whether they have available cancellation holidays package for you to take. That way you can cut the search time in half and would be the first one in line in case there is one.

Wait for Someone to Cancel a Package

It may sound harsh but you are actually waiting for someone or praying for someone to cancel their vacation that is the same or almost the same with the kind of vacation that you are planning.  It may be out of line but if you are really desperate then there’s nothing you can do but to take necessary measure at whatever means possible – plead.  Not really the exact word but you can always leave your email address or contact number to the travel agency in case something came up like someone actually cancelled at the last minute and that slot might be offered in their list of cancellation holidays. You will lose nothing on your part even if it will be offered to you at the same rate because you are really trying to land an open space for that spot provided it is within the family budget.  You can also state your budget to the agency by lowering it a bit so you can still avail of the discounted price in case something pop up.

When Cancellation Holidays Became Available

There can be no greater joy than knowing that you can finally have that dream vacation because someone did cancel the last minute.  It is wrong to be overjoyed at other’s demise that lead them to cancel their trip package that you willingly accepted (at a cheaper price too) but you are also desperate to land that vacation.  It isn’t like you are actually praying that something bad would happen that will make them give up the trip and give you a huge favor.  Cancellation holidays are better when the slot that you are aiming for is the same as what you have planned.  Not all packages are open for the ones you aim for.  Clients should make necessary adjustments to their target destination because most of the time there is no available offer for the destination they were supposed to go to.  Have a wonderful vacation with your whole family and next time around plan your vacation more carefully with the next cancellation holidays.

All about DDoS

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service.  In today’s highly innovative technology, computer system and other electronic transmission of data could be attacked by DDoS.  This is commonly called as DDoS attack.  It is an attempt to interrupt the transmission of data from one system to another.  This is of course being done by perpetrators who could have malicious intent to disrupt the system.

DDoS Attack – Understanding Better

DDoS attack can be explained further by citing several examples.  One great thing to discuss this further is the traffic in the transmission of electronic mail.  It sometimes happens wherein you are finding a hard time transmitting your data.  Though there are other reasons that may lead to it, but DDoS attack can sometimes be the possible culprit for this.

Another one is when you experience a disruption in the telephone network service.  This is during the time that all circuits are inaccessible.  The network lines are probably under DDoS attack.

How can this happen?

You may be wondering how these things happen. Well, going back on the traffic in the telephone circuit, the intruders are trying to make as many calls a they can.  The reasons why you cannot get through the line, is because of there are no more lines that could be allotted to you. The telephone system is designed to handle certain number of calls at a given period.  This is being determined based on the actual usage at any given time.  The telephone company is determining this based on study as well as on the actual consumption.  If the traffic is quite high, then the company provides a higher set up.  However, there is always a limit on this. That is why if the intruders attack during the peak season, you will definitely be denied of telephone service.

In the computer system, the perpetrators frequently target the services of   World Wide Web as well as the Domain Name Service.  With the computer technology nowadays, many people are connected to the internet at any given period.  The intruders will just have to do the DDoS attack and you will surely experience a down time in the processing of your data through the internet.

How to attack the DDoS attack?

The answer here is use a DDoS protection.  In fact this is being popularly used now by various server providers.  The DDoS shields the denial of service attacks.  There are many methods to prevent the attacks using DDoS protection.

One way of DDoS protection is to use DOS protection scripts.  These can be obtained for free.  The scripts can qualify the traffic whether it is the good traffic or the bad traffic resulted by DDoS attack.  The bad traffic will then be prevented thus; your server will be saved from overloading.

DDoS hosting provider could be another help to prevent the DDoS attack.  This might be quite costly but the value is worth the price you will pay for.  So if you are just starting your business or even if you have an ongoing business, you could probably get one of this and make it as part of your investment.  Surely this is worthy compared to the problems that will be created by DDoS attack.

You might be wondering how this thing works.  Simply, the DDoS hosting provider filters your traffic.  Unlike the scripts that only do the qualification, this time, the bad traffics can already be filtered and prevented to enter into your network.  With this your system is protected against all kinds of DDoS attack.

By the way, if you are not ready yet to spend thousands of dollars for the dedicated DDoS protection, you can still have the same protection by renting a DDoS hosting provider.  This however might be too costly if you will add up the regular rent, but will somehow help you manage your cash flow.

The Benefits over the Price

Definitely, the price is one of the major considerations when you buy or get into something.  However, it is also best to quantify and qualify the benefits that you could gain.  DDoS protections might be too costly for you, but getting the real benefits could probably beyond compare.

DDoS attack will surely ruin the traffic in your system.  With this, your services will be highly affected.  This further creates a negative impact on your customers.  This means further that you might lose a chance of getting more sales.  The worst scenario is losing your existing customers because of the poor service.

The disruption of service is another major issue here.  Any disruption equates amount of money loss.  Again, potential and existing customers will definitely get out of your business.

So these things might not be directly attributable to the benefits of getting DDoS protection but moreso on the negativity of DDoS attack. Why settle for less?  Why do you need to cut on cost when you can get real benefits in the future?  DDoS protection might carve a portion of your budget but surely will give you outmost protection.