A Sushi and Ramen Japanese Restaurant in NYC

One of the most famous food from Japan is sushi and Japanese restaurant in Zen Ramen and Sushi New York. It is one of the busiest restaurants in Manhattan. It serves only original sushi made by Japanese chef during their long journey to faraway country. Sushi originated from Japanese culture, and it was considered as special food not only for one country but also for another one too. And because of this long travel of Japanese chef, there came a great sushi bar or sushi restaurant in Manhattan which became one of the famous one.

The history of a sushi bar in Manhattan started many years ago. The first sushi bar opened in San Francisco. When San Francisco was already a big city, there was already a great sushi restaurant there. Then they moved to Manhattan. Sometime later, San Francisco had already become a big city, and the same restaurant opened there also.

In many parts of United States, people have enjoyed eating at the sushi bar. And because of the sushi bar, many new restaurants started serving the sushi. The sushi became more famous, and people had many requests for sushi. As a matter of fact, sushi restaurant in Manhattan was a hit. Many people came to enjoy the sushi.

This restaurant became popular among all people. Many people came and tried the sushi. Even though the price is cheap, people still pay for it. Some people give the extra money for those delicious looking pieces of raw fish. It has a unique taste, and it is very tasty too.

The first sushi restaurants in Manhattan was built many years ago, before World War II. There was already a great influence of Japanese food in America. When the United States soldiers came back from their war, they brought with them their home made food. So one of the local restaurants where American soldiers took their food, is the first sushi bar.

The location of this restaurant was near the Allied Base Sites in New York City. The restaurant is still operating till today. A lot of people come for this very tasty and unique sushi, and many people also come to enjoy the wonderful sweet soy sauce that is served with it.

The sushi bar in Manhattan has many branches. The New York branch is located at Broadway and 47th, while the San Francisco branch is located at Pier 30 in the SOMA district. One can also find the restaurant at Times Square. The Tokyo branch is opened in the Tokyo Disney Land. Other locations are in Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

This restaurant serves a wonderful variety of sushi and other delicious foods. It is always filled up with customers. It is a wonderful experience to go to one of the many New York sushi bars or one in the Tokyo Disney Land. They really do serve some of the best sushi in the world.

The sushi menu is huge. There are sashimi, nigiri, sukiyaki, makisushi, and many other kinds. The prices are reasonable and you can order whatever you want. There are sashimi, which are rolls, mail, and other fish like salmon, shrimp, crab, and octopus. For some reason, Asian countries really love seafood and they love it in many different styles. If you are in Japan, you should try the omakase.

In many sushi bars in New York, there are also hosomaki. These are thin pieces of fish cake. In Japan, people prefer to have it without the topping.

The service is always great at this restaurant. They are always willing to help people if they are having a problem ordering something. Many people also come here for the atmosphere and the wonderful music that is piped into the dining area. It has become a very popular place for people to go when they are in New York.

The only down side to this sushi bar is that the prices are expensive. There are many places that have sushi for much cheaper. I recommend trying the other types of sushi if you are not a big fan of the traditional one. However, if you do like traditional sushi, then this may be the right place to go to.